A big reason for our pursuit of advisor and partner Dubwise Renzo is the massive interest both he and we at the Defy team have in the artist and NFT space, particularly in the Fantom community as a whole.
We genuinely feel that if you don't want to dig into the NFT space of Fantom, you aren't missing just the gorgeous artwork and warm community. You are missing the core of the Fantom community as a whole. Whereas in some chains you find a separation of church and state between the artistic NFT types and communities and the buttoned up degen ape hooligans of the farming and finance space; Fantom's NFT creative types ARE the degen ape hooligans. Without one, you don't have the other and we LOVE IT.
That said, when we had started discussion with Dubwise, we quickly realized he had BIG plans for an INSANELY cool NFT layer and needed a DEX that could provide him with the customization and creativity he needed to truly bring this beast to light and we have worked hard to BE that DEX!
Keep your eyes peeled for further information as we move along in the development of this phase which will provide some INCREDIBLY exciting capabilities, ways to earn, further utility to the entire platform and some of the rarest and most kick ass NFT collections. Collections you may.. or may not be able to get literally anywhere else....