Security & Audits

DefySwap is always working to ensure we meet every requirement and then some when it comes to security across the board. We take security very seriously as we feel it is absolutely paramount to both the growth of our ecosystem as well as the confidence we want to exude to our community.
That said - Not only did we want to ensure all of our contracts were audited and amended as necessary to provide peace of mind PRIOR to launch but we also saw it as critical that we dove head long into the KYC process with multiple references. Anytime we provide any further updates to any of our audits or KYC processes we will amend the list below;

Shellboxes Audit

We completed a full audit of all contracts through our friends at Shellboxes prior to the launch to ensure we had time to not only get our audit completed but also leave time to make proper amendments as necessary and re-review to give the utmost in security.

RugDoc KYC & Review

As a tried and trusted name across many chains - RugDoc offers up a solid peace of mind in the whole crypto space and when people see the name, they know they can feel that extra level of confidence in a project. This especially applies when, not only is the project reviewed but also has completed the Know Your Customer (KYC) process employed by RugDoc to give that even greater level of commitment to a project. The review of our contracts and posting to the official RugDoc website will happen once we are live and the contracts are available. That said - The KYC has been completed PRIOR to launch to give added confidence in our dedication to DefySwap.
Here's what was entailed in the Know Your Customer (KYC) process with RugDoc

Jago KYC & Low Risk Assessment ✔

Another name that has been seen around quite often lately is Jago - They provide KYC services to offer extra peace of mind and risk assessments to projects so their communities can feel extra comfortable knowing the owners take enough pride in their project to be willing to dox themselves to it. That said, the team at Jago has one of the most aggressive KYC repercussions to give even more confidence!
🚨UPDATE: From today we make tougher rules of our KYC!
The owners will drop us 30 seconds of video on the background of the site with their documents
✅If they deceive their investors, then we will drop this video on the telegram channel!
1️) Admins pulled LP Projects that have KYC will be under the great supervision of our team. We check all transactions from the admin address If the dev steals liquidity - we will upload a video with his face in the telegram*
2️) Deleted Telegram/Website If the website closes in less than 2 weeks, our team will take strict measures and submit to the police all the information that we will have about the dev*
3️) Sold their tokens If the admin sells his tokens - we will upload a video with his face in the telegram*
4️) The project is abandoned If the project is abandoned less than 2 days after the start of farms - we will upload a video with his face in the telegram*
⛔️If there is a dump and the price has dropped, but it is not the admin wallet sold the tokens then we are not responsible for it and do not publish the video
⛔️We are not responsible for bot addresses and unknown addresses (which may dump the price
⛔️Always DYOR
With all of the above on Jago - Feel free to check out the direct link to their KYC update on DefySwap -