Team Introductions

Who We Are

The project is being handled and launched by the team at, an established project on the BSC chain. We have the expertise and experience of leading a successful project and we’ve brought that forward to make DEFYSWAP, the most advanced trading platform on the Fantom Opera chain. We offer multiple decision-making tools for users and a user-friendly and detailed full-options trading experience.

The Leveler -


The ever beloved team captain! Never one to shy away from MARVEL'ing at her own accomplishments. If things look grim - The Leveler will be the one to swoop in to pull the allies from the flames. When tempers flare, intellect clashes, The Leveler's calm head will prevail. The Team Can NEVER fail.

Faf -


A theoretical physicist numerical scientist. Can craft some of the most original and creative number concepts ever conceived. All of this scientific genius doesn't come without its flaws.. And Faf's well.. It is kind of a large flaw. A Hulk like rage that you can't imagine. Get on the wrong side and feel his wrath. Sorry in advance, but it's probably on you.

Birchy -


The best ride, the finest gadgets and the most intense programming skill you could possibly imagine. With this intensity comes a fierce need for quiet, reclusiveness that can only be attained by reaching the level of genius achieved by our resident savant.

Escobar -


There are many things that Escobar is known for and many of them, incredibly positive! He can positively remove your knee caps, he can positively remove your finger and toenails one at a time and oh, you better believe he can talk in probably one of the most intimidating accents you've heard on the face of this Earth. A heart of gold but not someone to be trifled with. The intimidator himself, accepting nothing less than the best as he offers nothing less himself.

Dev -


Every so often, a person comes along that doesn't have any "hard" skills in anything but seems to fall into things and maybe has a four-leaf clover stashed somewhere. Dev is this guy! The gift of gab and the super power of incredibly late nights DEEP in the depths of the most Degen Discords you can imagine. Meeting and connecting with seedy characters from every underbelly imaginable. Little sleep, LOTS of luck and a pinch of humor.