Here at DefySwap we believe that the community comes first. Whether it be the direct client based community or the beautiful community of Fantom that we have chosen to call home. Part of building such a strong and future looking ecosystem is the quality of partners you bring onboard and who bring you onboard. You get by with a little help from your friends and DefySwap is no different! Our partnerships are ever evolving and ever expanding. We are happy to take suggestions and input from our community as to potential future partners as well!
While we can't stress enough how important our partnerships are to us - We are always assessing and vetting partners and if we determine as a team or community that a partner is no longer supporting the values and visions we hold closest to our hearts or has given us cause for concern, we will not hesitate to reconsider our future with them.

RNDM - Fractal Studios | Website | Twitter | Discord

The Fractal Studios (RNDM Token) team has to be one of the most deeply rooted and well developed and resourced teams Fantom has to offer. Multichain in it's projects and capabilities, we truly believe if there is a tool that should have been developed, this team has already done it. One of the most creative crews we've come across and are so proud to be partnered alongside. Creators of the absolutely jaw dropping Lexicon series, every form of GameFi you can imagine, gorgeous art and NFTs and so SO much more!

Plaza Finance | Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram

A fairly new entrant to the Fantom community, Plaza Finance offers up an incredibly unique partner for us here at DefySwap. The definition of a creative powerhouse that simply runs to the beat of their own drum in the best way. A true BUIDLR on Fantom Opera who is always at work quietly in the background and letting their work speak for itself. An artistic space that will assist us in always keeping a creative and out of the box eye on how we look at things. Keeping our perspectives in check

Pumpkins Farm | Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram

Pumpkins Farm provides a smaller team that has experienced a lot of what it's like launching a token onto a new chain, coming from BSC roots initially. We have added our now friend and partner Asphyx and Yas Ser to our advisory team as the Pumpkins dev team is in transition to help offer up an unbiased perspective and outsider input wherever necessary