Advisory Board
Fantom is an extremely tight knit community and we would be doing ourselves a disservice to not mention our wonderful team of advisors who have assisted us in SO many different facets of the development and ongoing production of DefySwap. They are truly gems in the Fantom community who we feel have their finger on the pulse of what is going on.
Sometimes to be the smartest person in the room, you need very little knowledge if you have amazing resources like the folks below (In no particular order!) at your fingertips to assist!

Hotsauce 🌶 | Twitter​

The man, the myth and the legend himself. If you are anyone who is anyone in this community you've seen this ser. I like to refer to him as the underground king of Fantom. He is everywhere and he is nowhere, he is known but truly can't be known. A ghost, a geist, an unstoppable force and an immovable object. If you're to EVER want a straight between the eyes opinion who has seen some serious stuff in his time in crypto - This is your man.

Walter White Inu | Twitter​

The King Ape of Fantom Ape Talks Telegram group himself! Walter White Inu brings a vast wealth of knowledge in many facets of the Fantom Ecosystem including offering up unbiased and honest advice, live AMAs for his community to ensure new projects are vetted and reviewed to give the best assistance he can to his members and is often seen in the Telegram groups of new projects that have just launched asking the hard questions to get important information on the inner workings of the dev teams etc.

Dubwise Renzo 🥤 | Twitter​

Most likely in the top 3 degens in the entirety of Fantom. He is the $SLURP God himself and seems to stop at no end to do everything he can to drive the Fantom Opera ecosystem and community to the next level at ANY cost. This is the type of person we HAD to have on our team. Someone who sleeps little, degens often, slurps aggressively and above all else, values community above all.

Grim Poobear 069 | Twitter​

One of the true hearts of Fantom. Poobear has provided countless pieces of advice, team building and assistance along the journey and well before. A team forging BEAST who stops at nothing to ensure that good people are put in contact with other good people. One of the core team members of the team who has absolutely shined as a beacon in the darkness of kindness and forging unbelievable partnerships.

FTM Ecologist | Twitter​

A man who has a reputation that quite literally precedes him. Over 10,000 COMPLETELY organic Twitter followers and a profile picture that is more recognizable in Fantom than a damn can of Coca-Cola. FTM Ecologist is a true patriot of the entire ecosystem and has made it his SOLE role to dig into projects and personally assist in growing Fantom in the most healthy and effective way, the community way. One of the primary gatekeepers in the best sense of the word, protecting projects that hold up as those that will only strength the ecosystem.