Vested Tokens

Another term you may have heard in your adventures of DefySwap is the term vested or vesting period.
The Private & Seed Investors are given a daily drip of their purchased tokens from the private investment round divided over a ONE year (1) period.
Therefore - someone who participated and received a discounted rate on the purchase of their tokens in exchange for their early investment in DefySwap will get a very small portion of their tokens daily divided by 365 days.
For Example;
John the Seed round investor purchased 10,000 tokens
John must wait ONE month (1) for the Cliff Period to expire to receive any tokens whatsoever
On expiry of the Cliff Period John will begin to receive a daily drip of his 10,000 tokens divided over a ONE year (1) "Vesting Period" as follows;
10,000 tokens / 365 days = 27.40 tokens dripped to John daily for the 365 days of the vesting period.
The reason for this vesting period and cliff period is to ensure that people who purchase $DFY tokens don't have to worry about secret hidden whales who have massive bags of discounted tokens to dump on them at launch. This way, the only people who prebought tokens at a discounted rate must truly believe in and support DefySwap to ensure the value of their investment over time.