Private/Seed Investors

In your initial reading back of the DefySwap Discord, docs here or Telegram, you may encounter the term regarding "private" or "seed" investors.
DefySwap had a private and seed funding round to assist in raising funds and support for our product ahead of time to allow us to allot some marketing funds and lots of LP to give the DefySwap ecosystem the best chance it has to succeed.
That said, these early investors had a discounted rate on purchase price of the $DFY token as follows;
Seed: $0.30/$DFY Private: $0.35/$DFY Public IDO/Launch Initial Price: $0.45 However, while it sounds like a large and unfair advantage, you need to take note that these investors were required to agree to both a Cliff Period & Vesting Period for their tokens.
Last modified 11mo ago